Veiled Freedom

Sparrows come and go as do occasional pigeons here in the welding shop. A young mockingbird may sing like all the others, but can’t learn much more from them. There’s a Mocking Bird in the rafters, sadly singing the blues She flew in but thinks she can’t get out The big doors are open that […]

A Night at the Museum

Last night was the fund raiser at the Art Museum.  Steve contributed two works of art for the silent auction portion of the event. One was Maya’s Return which was painted October 2007. The other was Anahita which we finished in early June. This one generated a lot of comments. Our walls look a little […]

Fishy Business

There’s a story in here somewhere… The Art Center has another little exhibit going on in May, and today is the receiving day. We’ve spent some time coming up with our “Fish Tales” entry. As you can see by the picture, it’s free-hanging on the wall. It measures about 2 feet wide and 16 inches […]

Synthetic vs. Natural Happiness

Watch this presentation. It gives some data about how our brains synthesize happiness. Watch at YouTube What Steve and I determined is that the type of happiness is irrelevant. Unless you are just a really pessimistic person, you will be fairly happy whether your circumstances warrant it or not. The key ingredient seems to be […]

How do you define fun?

I’ve been thinking that I want to be a more fun person, such that people would actually use the word fun to describe me. Sounds great, but this thought brings up other painful thoughts such as I’m not currently fun and the change is needed. Another thing that always comes up for me is the […]

Slowly Seeping In

I finally realized why I live with fear much of my life. I am a believer in the Tao, the Yen Yang. I have had such a good life to now that I am sure it will catch up with me. Yet, I ain’t tellin if you ain’t. It just keeps getting better. Shhhhhh!

Stripping Down

Joy and I have been discussing ‘truth’. I say it is relative. She, being more one-minded and slightly more pure at heart says it is absolute (although, I don’t want to put words in her mouth). We like to check out Rob at to catch the drift of things. So, this song is for […]