A Good Day

Today, for me, was a good day, I guess. Long night, well rested, not up too early. I start each day with, at least, a cold pan of well water over my head. Wakes me up quickly. Pineapple and bananas for breakfast with coffee and homemade tarts: I wouldn’t say ‘sweet’ but after being dipped […]

Do You Think- Will It Rain Soon?

At sundown clouds are building into dark grey crowns on green mountains and everyone is hoping for rain. Like South Texas, this year has been a dry one. Last night, as I went on a nightly quick walk in darkness, I could see flashing over the mountains but not close enough to hear thunder, thus, […]

From Breaking Waves to Rolling Wind

After leaving behind Las Olas Grandes, a long bus ride yesterday back to Ocotal, arriving late but finding Mi Hotelito still open, thank goodness I was able to get a good night’s sleep. Morning was spent walking the streets of town in search of a few items I will need in the Campo, soap, hydrogen […]