Essential Knowledge

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Hope you can watch this. Don’t worry, the perspective works. I have learned more about gardening…here…in a few minutes. I’m still watching, it’s long. (Later) You know how dangerous I am with trimmers… … But I watched a few videos about trimming stone fruit trees and it recommends trimming in summer and winter. This is […]


Feeling Cloudy

I’ve been feeling cloudy today Slow moving, thick Gathering up rain ‘Just let it fall’, they say It gets really heavy After awhile Holding on to caring Or, just going crazy Isn’t this just like the weather Who can know it’s course It does as it pleases She can’t have a tether I say let […]

Leaving These Blues

Your daily lyrics: These Blues Lyrics by Jimmy Lafave There’s a new light above you Let it shine, let it shine Let your faith and your hope both renew Don’t fade from our sight Deep in the night Like a stranger on a lost avenue Hey, you’ve got to be leaving these blues Though your […]

And I Had to Fall in Love with You

by Moody Blues What mattered to me Was the right to be free Like I’ll be someday I’m waiting for my heart to lead the way The places I’ve seen And the road in between Make me wonder why I’m searching for my dreams up in the sky I heard the call And in the […]

Swingset Chain

Gotta love those lyrics… Swingset Chain by Loquat There’s a playground that we used to run on The penny-drop that broke her arm The monkey bars that you fell from The swingset chain that stuck with my tongue It’s thirty below and we’re far gone If you plant yourself here I wouldn’t miss you for […]