Caribbean Adventure

Gary is retired and restless. Soon after our last adventure to Puerto Escondido we were talking about scuba and how we have waited so many years to be certified to dive. He wants dates and reservations. I just say ‘yea, lets do it some day soon’, he says lets buy tickets.

Other old friends like the idea and within a few days time Gary had reservations and tickets including he and I, Scott, Tom and Mickey.

Gary and Scott arrived in Roatan 4 days before Tom, Mickey and I. I think Mr G had spun the globe and set a finger on Roatan or something but that is where we were all going.

The party was well under way by the time I got there. Dives had been made, favorite bars had been found, people had been met. There were even cameras showing dancing blondes and wild stories being told. We promptly joined in, Tom, Mickey and I. From our cool rooms off we headed into town, on foot. It was all just down a dirt road shaded by flowering trees. Everything, along Half Moon Bay was one main street, a tourist facade I guess but effective and real.

Never had I eaten lion fish. Now, I’m hooked. I once said ‘I’ll go back just to eat lion fish’.
Gary and Scott had already introduced themselves and actually made friends with some of the locals to the point of having had a new drink named by him, ‘Screwple’. A mixture of a Screwdriver with a splash of pineapple. It took.

Most nights one of us was helping the other back to our room. Lucky for us it was at the end of the one main road. I think this island hasn’t caught up with the times, I could swear we were back in the ’60s. Every night was fun. All the food was good. The names of the inocent have been changed…

Dive and snorkle we did! Another world is alive and well beneath the surface of the ocean, or Caribbean Sea. Too numerous to tell about, they have to be seen. Strange and beautiful. Well worth any trouble.

We met friends we had never met. At least that is how they treated us, either at Seagrape Plantation where we lived and dove out of or all the wonderful people we met along the strip. English is the main tongue, everywhere was clean, the people were friendly, the beer was cold and the food was great. What more could we ask for?

I think we will go back again.


  • Hi guys, I can’t thank you enough for sharing the wonderful pictures ! OMG…. I Can only dream to ever see a place like this.
    Thanks again

  • Couldn’t have picked a better place, and am so fortunate to have 4 of my very best friends EVER to join me. I too am now hooked on scuba, an older person’s paradise above and below sea level in Roatan. peace, Gary.

  • I love the pictures, you all looked like you were having fun! I want to crash your next adventure! Cheers.

  • THIS POSTING IS BEAUTIFUL, STeven ……even Steven. Come on down, Terri!! I’m ready whenever Anyone else is. I am in love w/ half of the population!!!! peace, love, incense, hippy beads and waterbeds gcoin.

  • Looks like a gorgeous place! Glad you guys all had a good time. We will be retiring one day soon and hope to be able to see some new places and relax a bit. Thanks for sharing the pics, Steve.

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