Beautiful Place

There are many wonderful things here. This place and people have much but are poor in other things. They live with a beautiful “Mother Earth” and are rich in many things because of it….and happy too. That you cannot say about many people in the developed world poor or rich. But certainly they are lacking […]

Rain In My Window

These mountains is where fresh air is made. I think it must be so. To see, as I walk down roads of red dirt, dark gray menacing clouds sneak over verdant mountains, wind racing down out of nowhere, makes me glad I am close to the campo. But to miss those moments just before a […]


Well I gave my ‘noticia’. Yes, I feel a bit of a no good jerk. But, I will get over it. I think David understood, somewhat. I hope so. I don’t know exactly what day I will be moving on but probably this week. I have already ‘discussed’ (meaning, I think they understood pretty well) […]

Need An Escape

To Joy: I wrote this last night. I feel better this morning, with a better attitude. I always try to remember your words about higher thoughts and things are better immediately. I love you let me know how it goes with you Hola, You take your chances, go the distance and pull out when it […]

Teach Us How To Live

After ‘talking’ with you Joy I kept on the net looking for ideas for securing panels from thieves. I am in Ocotol again to work on the net. Theft of panels seems to be a problem that has been born from the value and ease of stealing them. This is not a third world problem […]

Long Days and Epic Nights

(written last night) Nights in El Campo de Nicaragua are certainly different. Families jabber outside my room much too fast for me to feel comfortable to join in. (hopefully in time) I feel an outsider made to feel at home. I could not ask for more. Dinner was fried plantains, a corn tortilla, beans and […]

Feeling Free

Joy to Steve: I am enjoying where I am and the feeling of freedom to be anywhere and choose where that is. I hope you are too. I definitely wouldn’t choose Nicaragua. It’s just not my thing to be so primitive if I don’t have to be. I wrote Robbie a birthday note and said […]

Along The Path

To Joy: These multiple e-mails give me a chance to say, multiple times, ‘I love you’. I like that. I have pictures but not many yet. I do not like to show my ‘stuff’. Not because of fear but these people are so simple it seems, even without showing what I have ……well it is […]

In A New Place

( I don’t think I sent this one yet from a few days ago) Long Day, I started out with 12 dreams, each between the rooster’s call. One, I remember well, trying to get somewhere (as usual) and passing 2 foot tall praying mantis fighting giant spiders. Vivid. I like the rooster’s call. It’s kind […]

I’m Here

Too much to tell ! I am lying in my room at last with a storm brewing out, wooden shutter window wide open with the smell of fresh rain, wood smoke from the dinner stove and the oh so fresh green mountain air. Thursday night, I guess, just dark (the computer says 7:30) The walk […]

Parting Shot

I suppose Steve is sitting around in Miami by now. Airplanes are great time-savers for international travelers, but then again having to go with the airlines’ schedule means wasting time at the airport. I got back to the house way before his airplane to Miami even arrived in Houston. Seeing him all ready to go […]

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I am off to Nicaragua! Why? That will be explained in a not too distant future post (when I have time to think about it). Truth is there are many reasons. Adventure. Opportunity. Challenge. Escape. Education. These, at least, apply. This, the night before my flight, I feel what I imagine an astronaut feels as […]