Rain In My Window

These mountains is where fresh air is made. I think it must be so. To see, as I walk down roads of red dirt, dark gray menacing clouds sneak over verdant mountains, wind racing down out of nowhere, makes me glad I am close to the campo. But to miss those moments just before a […]


Well I gave my ‘noticia’. Yes, I feel a bit of a no good jerk. But, I will get over it. I think David understood, somewhat. I hope so. I don’t know exactly what day I will be moving on but probably this week. I have already ‘discussed’ (meaning, I think they understood pretty well) […]

Teach Us How To Live

After ‘talking’ with you Joy I kept on the net looking for ideas for securing panels from thieves. I am in Ocotol again to work on the net. Theft of panels seems to be a problem that has been born from the value and ease of stealing them. This is not a third world problem […]

In A New Place

( I don’t think I sent this one yet from a few days ago) Long Day, I started out with 12 dreams, each between the rooster’s call. One, I remember well, trying to get somewhere (as usual) and passing 2 foot tall praying mantis fighting giant spiders. Vivid. I like the rooster’s call. It’s kind […]