Beautiful Place

There are many wonderful things here.

This place and people have much but are poor in other things. They live with a beautiful “Mother Earth” and are rich in many things because of it….and happy too. That you cannot say about many people in the developed world poor or rich. But certainly they are lacking in many of the things the world today has to offer or at least are able to share. So, my experience has, as usual no matter where I am, it’s good and bad.

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  • Steve,

    It does seem to be a very beautiful and spiritual place.

    How fortunate to be able to experience this beauty in person. We are fortunate to be able to see through your eyes. The trees are so beautiful and the distant mountains are an experience too.

    About the life of the people who inhabit this land, I always seem to feel the Ying-Yang balance of life from your description.

    Thanks so much for sharing.


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