Hanging Out

I’m hanging out in San Juan del Sur, south Nicaragua, Pacific side.
Good size town, plenty of anything one needs or might want. Good food, great coffee, enough going on late to get your fill of fun (or find trouble!). I just skim the surface. These waters run deep and much goes on that I know nothing about. I like things here. Quite a contrast to Sabana Grande where life surrounds most things for life’s sake with happiness the norm. Here life is more easy with loads to do to entertain oneself. I must venture out to find what I can while here.

I am fortunate to stay a few days at the in-town surf house of ChicaBrava, Ashley Blaylock. All you girls/women who surf or want to learn to surf owe it to yourself to experience the great hospitality and surf here. You won’t regret it and will build memories for a lifetime. www.chicabrava.com

Time to walk across the street for a swim in the Grand Pacific.
166 San Juan del Sur 2

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