Joining Families

I guess I can say I have another sister now. Well, she’s an in-law, but it’s pretty close. My brother Andrew married Andrea. They both have used the name Andy for years. It was interesting, with Hank not wearing his reading glasses and Andy dropping the ring. A good time was had by all. We […]

Missing You

Most people like Christmas and being with their families. Well, Steve is not most people and neither am I. We’ll do fine without the Christmas part today, but we would prefer to be together. Here’s a little bit of remedy for the distance between Florida and Texas. There’s not much I can add to this […]

Hair today, goon tomorrow

Who is that fine looking young man? Well, you might not recognize him, but it’s Steve, who mentioned a few days ago that he might cut his hair. When I got home, he had buzzed it off pretty short. Some people were shocked. Others really liked it. And couldn’t keep their hands off him! I […]

Sad Surprise

We will all come to the end of life. It is inevitable and we all know it. But we live as if we don’t. As Steve put it, “Death is a sad surprise”. My mother met her end yesterday. It was a surprise in its timing, not its inevitability. I think that is the key […]

Family Talk

Have you ever wanted to share the unknown? Here it is. The beginning of ‘Family Talk’. A place to share thoughts, feelings, ideas, stories (oh how we love stories!) and, if must be, fiction. Well, keep it light. This ain’t no ‘tell all’. Be aware that verbal flowers, stories shinning with truth, confessionals (for you […]