What happened to Mike?

So, it is like you and I have even been working up to this.
Learning to love from afar.
No, Mike is in need that can’t be denied
And our lives have changed, this is so true.
Now is our time to understand, love and care.

Our Mike is a pioneer, in his own way.
Off to lands unknown to most of us, Mike hears the call.
Today was a good day for Mike and Me
And tomorrow will better be, I hope.
So, you go Mike, teach us all how to be, and all!

Mike has a few things to say himself…


  • Thanks for sharing this with me, Joy.
    Please, pass along my greetings and well wishes to Mike.


  • I am so glad that Mike is able to tell us himself how he is doing. Take care of yourselves too, Steve and Joy. I think about you all the time.

  • It was another guy they called Mike, that came up with the idea for traveling hospitals near the front lines in Korea to triage wounded soldiers quickly (now called MASH units), and who transformed our Houston VA hospital – and then all of them – from cesspools into first-class outfits. I worked for alot of folks who were friends of Mike, and felt the great loss when he died a couple of years ago. His last name was DeBakey.

    Our Mike is receiving his blessing now. Hang in there, Mike. The cane will grow back.

  • Hey Mike! You’re doin’ good! Lookin’ a lot better than when I dropped by… You gonna get out of there soon? I’d bet your yard misses you… Get well. Hve you tried the peppers yet? Just do it!

    Hang in there Joy and Steve, too.

  • Mike, I am happy to see you. Thanks for making time to produce it. Of course, I’d much rather be hiking the trails at my folks’ ranch with you, and tracking the mountain lions, lizards, and other critters. A swim at El Rancho Cima would be terrific, too.

    I just looked at some cheesecake for sale from Collin Street Bakery. I remember that when I sent you cheesecake last year how much you enjoyed it. I’ll try to get some for you next week when I have some money in hand. Share it with Steve and your family.

    The tomatoes I bought recently are growing, and it’s time to move a couple of tree tomatoes to your garden. They say they’ll make tomatoes that are 1 to 2 pounds in weight.

    I’m going to send your video to all the people I know.
    Everyone asks me about you, and they send their wishes.

    Love ya.
    Keep working hard.

  • Thanks for the video of your brother,Steve. It is very touching. You two look alike. It must be hard for you but he seems to be in good spirits. It is so good to have family an friends at times like this. Your are a good brother,man.

    Take care,

  • Mike,
    Thanks so much for sharing a report of your recovery from surgery. I heard about it right away from Sterly, but he indicated that you were not up to communications at that time. I’m glad that you are getting good care at the VA. You know that I lived at the VA for a year during medical school. Unfortunately, I gained 20 pounds eating their good food.

    Keep working hard so you can get back to your garden!


  • Hi Mike, ask about you often and all your scout friends are hoping for the best….hang in there and lets get the gang together this summer for a campfire at our place in the Hill country we can sleep quite a few people…..WWW….order of the Arrow talk….lol…..Twain Tharp

  • Hi Mike,
    Hope your having a good day today. Are your ears burning….
    we are thinking about you often.!!!!!!

    Joy and Steve: What a wonderful idea! Very impressive!
    Thank you so much for sending this. Take care all of you
    and we will be talking to you soon. Rich and Jose send there regards Mike. (customers that know you)
    love to all of you! c.c. and c.c.

  • Mike,
    You are and have been in my prayers every night even before you had this tumor. I know how you feel and what you are going thru because my brother Jim died of the same cancer you have. If you have never believed in God now is the time to do so for you will be releved of you pain and worry. Jim was saved while in the hospital. He was afraid of dying until he was saved.

    Jim was able to leave the Hospital and live ok for secveral months at home.

    Do as the doc’s say and be active as you can or what ever the doc says do.

    You look great to me and I haven’t seen you in years.

    Remember their are lot of friends and relatives that LOVE you and care.

    Love You,

    Cousin Bill

  • Thanks for the video Joy! Uncle Mike, Chris says he loves you and we are praying for you everyday! I am glad to hear that the food is good there and that you can shoot the bird! You’re looking good!

    Lots of love from Corpus Christi,

    Jessica, Chris, Skyler and Brooklyn!

    PS: Tell Steve hello!

  • Hi Mike,
    I so much enjoyed seeing your video and seeing what courage and spirit you have. I have been and will continue praying for your speedy recovery. I’m Ralph’s sister and have been keeping up with you thru Val. You are so fortunate to have such a wonderful close and compassionate family I know their love will sustaine you. I will keep asking God to give you the strength you need to continue to keep geting stronger.
    Love, Mary

  • Hey Mike! What a lovely surprise: To REALLY get to see you! This modern website stuff is wonderful! I loved hearing your OWN voice and words. I ,also, loved the “bird” shot and the 4 letter words. YOU made me SMILE!

    I was just explaining to my husband, Michael, that you and my brother, Leonard, would sit on the hood of my ’58 Hillman Husky(car) at night while I drove us into dark, swampy areas of Florida ….looking for snakes, wildlife, etc. I can still see you two with your butterfly nets on the front of MY car!!!

    I tried to explain to him what it felt like in a canoe on the Wekiva River……me in the rear , trying to paddle, while you and Leonard were pulling snakes from the trees hanging over the river and putting them all in a burlap bag on the floor of the canoe. It scared me to death! I KNEW one of those suckers was going to get out and and eat me. But, I pretended to be sooooo brave!!!!! (It’s good I was just 20 then and not 65 ,like NOW….or I would have had a heart attack!).

    I hope your family and friends keep up this website with new “Words from Mike” very soon! Take care, my friend and know that you are loved.


  • Hey Mike you always were good with this high tech stuff this is great….I am glad to see that you are holding up well. You would love it here. The go out and catch some really nice snake to sell….I held a really large King Sanke last week…It was only $200 peses, have seen some really nice things, one of my friends has a small zoo at his house, he is a snake breeder….last year he had 250 baby snake…I am thinking about you…and you are in my prayers…hang in there and come see me…Ron

  • Hey Good Lookin’,
    What cha got cookin’? I want to come see you tomorrow (Saturday 29th of May 2010) if that is ok and if you feel like a little short visit from me. I will give Stevie a call in the morning and see what he says, then if all is good, I will come see you around 1:00pm, or whenever you feel like a little company. I want to wish you a Happy Veteran’s Day weekend and hope you are feeling good. I love you. I went to that plant sale last Friday at Merrill’s. I got some great treasures there. One of my favorites are two bromiliads that are attached to a really cool piece of drift wood. Another is a mandivia that is the most beautiful deep magenta color, and some sort of night blooming cyris that as tiny little white flowers that end up looking like little green balls all around the edges of each leaf, the leaves turn red if you keep it in the sun – it is in a small hanging basket, so I hung that on my grandmother’s old clothes line pole. I love blue and purple flowers. So several of the plants that I bought are blue or lavender….I bought a beautiful dark blue plumbego that is not supposed to get very big….it is awesome. Glad to hear you are being treated like the special person you are!! Take good care and I will hope to see you tomorrow my friend. Love you mucho….bona note,

  • Mike,

    Just sending you lots of positive, healing energy and am rooting for you from the heart. You look and sound great. I imagine you’ll be out of there in no time! Take care, keep up the positive thoughts, and know that there are a lot of people who are thinking of you.


  • Hi, Mike,

    I, too, send you healing energy each and every day. I light candles for you and pray for your recovery. My e-mail name, kdancing, stands for “Keep on dancing,” so you keep dancing, Mike. Faith and hope are everything.

    Love you,
    Cousin Penny

  • Hello again, Mike,

    My sister, your Cousin Charlene who lives in Alabama, doesn’t have a computer and asked that I let you know that she sends her love and wishes that you will be better soon.


  • Mike,
    I just want you to know we love you and think about you every day. This is such a cool thing to do! We miss your visits out here and hope to see you in person soon.
    Love and prayers,
    Jimmy and Patty

  • Mike,
    The video is awesome. Thanks for taking the time to make it so we can all see you getting better. We are sending you positive, healing energy through the universe. Life is transformed through love. You are loved and missed by everyone whose life you have touched with your caring ways and love of plants.

  • Mike, I was planning on coming over Friday to catch up with you in person. CayDee wrote me yesterday and said you were in the hospital. I tried to call all day and never got thru. I will not give up. I have missed you very bad and want to come see you when you are up to it. There is not a day I walk thru the farm, the garden, the woods seeing nature at it’s best I do not think about you. You are a very special friend whom I have missed very much recently. I hope to see you soon. I will keep calling until I get thru. I know many folks are thinking of you and viaing for your time. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Hi, Mike,

    My sister, your Cousin Debbie sends her love and hopes that you will be better soon.


  • Hiya, Mike! So glad you got to spend some time at home this weekend. Sorry I missed you, though. Little Ian was sick a few weeks ago and we don’t want to expose you to any bugs! Chris and I hope to come visit you this week. We sure miss you, good neighbor! All is well in the neighborhood, but not the same without you around. Can’t wait for you to get home. Let us know if you or Steve need anything!
    Take care, good lookin’!

  • Hi Mike,
    You have brought so much happiness to us over the years. Your kindness, generosity and enlightenment made our trips to Houston the highlight of our visits. You know that Bauhinia forficata you gave me back in 1994? It is still growing strong and its progeny has spread to about 30 people all over North Texas. We wish you happiness, peace, love and strength for this next part of your life’s journey.
    Lots of love from Dallas,
    Jim and Tony

  • Hi Mike
    Keep growing stronger like the way you did with seed or plant, a little water and sun, I hope your able to get a little sun to make you stronger too. I love the video, it helped us get up to speed on how you are doing.
    We send our love, jeff nancy jacie