Hair today, goon tomorrow

handsome young man

Who is that fine looking young man? Well, you might not recognize him, but it’s Steve, who mentioned a few days ago that he might cut his hair. When I got home, he had buzzed it off pretty short.

Some people were shocked.


Others really liked it.

Skyler and Steve

And couldn’t keep their hands off him!

Steve and Skyler

Skyler and Steve

I think Steve just wanted to emphasize how much he looks like his grand-daughter.

Brooklyn and Steve - look-a-likes

Three generations: Do you suppose her hair will come in grey?


He’s lost so much hair it’s as if his head was cut off!

Chris and Steve


  • So Joy, which were you, “shocked” or “couldn’t keep your hands off him?” ….or both?

    I love playing with Robbie’s freshly buzzed hair.

    I the hair cut does a great job of enhancing his eyes.

  • OMG(sh)

    Fantastic!!!,, some people will do anything for attention from their grand kiddos.

    Love it, did not get the news of the upcomming “Hair Event” but love the fact that change is always good.

    The girls are just so cute and we are still looking so forward to spending time together soon.

    Gramps we can see the love you feel for those girls in your eyes. Enjoy, because , like hair, and sons, they really grow fast!!!

    Love ya,