Sad Surprise

We will all come to the end of life. It is inevitable and we all know it. But we live as if we don’t.

As Steve put it, “Death is a sad surprise”.

My mother met her end yesterday. It was a surprise in its timing, not its inevitability. I think that is the key thing: timing. Using time wisely, you can spread more love around than if you waste it pursuing entertainment or material things.

Grieving seems like such a selfish thing. Oh woe is me, I lost someone special. Well, I’m sad that she’s gone, but it’s not really because of my loss. I’m sad because of her loss and the world’s. The world has lost a great mind and creative spirit. And she didn’t get to finish what she wanted to do, even with 75 years to do it in.
Life is urgent.

What makes me sad is the thought that I haven’t lived urgently, or given anyone much reason to miss me when it’s my turn to go.Jo Reynolds 2005