Every Day Is An Adventure

First, let me say you know quite well that every day, no matter where you are, is an adventure. Each day of our lives is numbered and we don´t have that many. But this is elementary, as you know.

The place that is central to my stay is the Campo. Foot paths in green mountains. Yes, the highway is a half an hour walk and cars can come back in here part of the way, but this is pure Earth level living. And yes, some families are hooked up to electric lines but not the one I am staying with. Barbed wire with fence post now and then (some growing again) are all besides the very simple houses scattered about, with paths in between.

I know this is the rainy season and I have not seen the dry, so all I know for now is green. Lots of birds of all kinds, even flocks of parrots but I have not seen hide nor hair of any other wild animals…..?

I took a walk up the mountain side behind the house here, by myself. It is a foot path through a real canopy of lush green, steep at points. The pictures do not do the view justice. I would need a wide angle, very good lens.
Anyway, I found the place to wash clothes.

I made it back just before a heavy, really fresh rain. Marisela gave me coffee and we talked for awhile, a very beautiful, smart young woman of 19 with wavey jet black hair.

It is dark now, crickets everywhere as are frogs singing. I am ready for bed. I have been fed a small plate (which I asked to be small or else they would feeds me as much as they do the working men in this family. I eat first, then the men and then the women, in the cocina. I will go to bed now.

The computer battery is almost gone and so am I. Nothing to do then. I bought a candle today, one with Guadalupe on it, and can see about the room a little but that is all. And any light attracts bugs too so…it is dark and I go to bed under the mosquito net. I have not seen many mosquitoes but there are bugs. In the night I can often hear ‘thumps’ on or around the bed but I have gotten to where I don’t turn on the flashlite to look. I don’t want to know.