Feeling Free

Joy to Steve:
I am enjoying where I am and the feeling of freedom to be anywhere and choose where that is. I hope you are too. I definitely wouldn’t choose Nicaragua. It’s just not my thing to be so primitive if I don’t have to be.

I wrote Robbie a birthday note and said I was coming there next. He was surprised, and said I should wait a few days to get a good batch of watermelon, and he would send some with me for you. Oh well, I think you missed this year’s crop. Do they grow them there?
I love you.

Steve to Joy:
Tell him ‘happy birthday’ for me please.
I am glad you are enjoying feeling free. I wonder how that differs from your norm? I am here. At times I wonder why I am. It can be very difficult. It is not where I will want to spend my ‘fun’ time. Maybe on the coast. I also, because of how I do sometimes feel, think there is no way I can stay here for 3 months. One of the guys that is here is from Dallas, tall good looking 22 year old becoming an engineer. He is very confident and as we were walking a back way he wanted to show me to my house he said, without my asking, ‘remember this…when you think there is no way you can make it just know you can.’ I guess he knows how I was feeling.

The good part is what I will learn from the really good people of the ´Campo´or rural people. Such good, friendly, hard working, happy, simple and very hospitable to me. This is truly living with Nature. They live from the earth. What this group is doing is to try to improve their lives by bringing in new technology, but only in a renewable form. So there is little impact on the natural environment and the cost is low. They will not become slaves to corporations but may have a better life.

I chose this path because, I think, it gave me an open door to get here and be on my own for awhile but being useful at the same time. I may be, in the end, of some use to these people but in the long run I think I am the one to benefit. We live such sheltered, spoiled and trapped lives. In a different sense these people are happy.

But I will not forget: All is perfect just the way it is and these people are still perfectly imperfect. I am here to learn something different and to share something different. I will not carry the illusion that life is, in my truth, is not a paradox. That continues. So, this is just our lives as of now. My hope is to benefit and help too. Then back to my hedonistic self at the oceanside!

Sept. 6 and 7  this community(and remember, this is VERY rural) is celebrating the corn festival. It is a big event for them . Maynor is stringing corn and making paper loops. He is such a bright, energetic, smart, respectful, hard working and hard playing young man!
I am very glad you are beginning to enjoy your adventure.
I love you too



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  • Have a Great Adventure my friend. Learn at least as much as you teach & send some interesting photos to document your learning experiences.

    via con Dias, Bro. Dave

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