Well I gave my ‘noticia’.

Yes, I feel a bit of a no good jerk. But, I will get over it. I think David understood, somewhat. I hope so.

I don’t know exactly what day I will be moving on but probably this week. I have already ‘discussed’ (meaning, I think they understood pretty well) all this with the family. They are paid if I am here or not and may be only in a small way, I feel a little of a burden on them. Although I think it is sure a great arrangement for them. They make some money plus have such great cultural exchange. This is especially good for the young but also for the old. They benefit in many other ways too. (I have given too much I am afraid to say. I was told not too but I did anyway, just ‘stuff’ though, no money or anything big). They have been doing this for years now and are quite used to the arrangement and have made many friends from all over the world that they would have never had to opportunity to make otherwise.

So, I will leave with the feeling of mixed sorry/guilt/relief/anticipation.
I have e-mailed Ashley and hope to hear from her at least for an idea of a good place to stay.

Today, we go into a close town, Totogalpa. This is the day of the big Corn Festival and I imagine it will not be as grand as the ones we saw in Oaxaca I am sure the heart of these people is poured into it just as much as anywhere. I have seen them working on ‘floats’, certainly all pulled by hand or animal, no cars. At least from this rural community.

I have talked with the new couple, Peter and Beth. They are interested in the panel security project so I was able to lay it all out to them (and David) with drawings on the table. This was good, it is explained (although any good drawings should always speak for themselves). I think they do and hope so too. I was also able to lay out my plan for the lego panels (which I have outlined on paper also) to David.

My way is to be very impatient. (Joy is very aware of that) I want things now! I want things done now also. Part of my discontent is due to things moving so slow here. These two projects could easily draw out for two months although they could be done in a week. That is frustrating for me. But I am who I am and each here is who they are and neither is better than the other, each have good reasons/qualities. I am sure I can learn from them.

One thing I love about this place is I have found something that is hard to put into words. It is that life feels young here.

All the qualities, the no hurry attitude, make up this overall feeling (at least for me). Time to enjoy the moment, the hour, the day. Now Frederlinda’s family has struck a balance. Those things that need to be done are done and there is still time to enjoy. They are at peace with that. And I have very much enjoyed getting to know them.