Need An Escape

To Joy:
I wrote this last night. I feel better this morning, with a better attitude. I always try to remember your words about higher thoughts and things are better immediately.
I love you
let me know how it goes with you

You take your chances, go the distance and pull out when it isn’t fun anymore. I’m tired of having to speak Spanish. It hurts my head. It is not natural for me. Physically I don’t think I am up this kind of life and mentally, I really prefer other places. So, I am planning my escape. If I could call a cab and get to the bus and be out of here tomorrow (the day you are reading this) I would do it. David is in Managua for a meeting and since the Center will be closed tomorrow and Sunday, I may not run into any of the Gringos around here so I won’t be able to get the scoop on how to do it. So, I will have to wait for Monday. But Monday is a big Corn Festival day so it might have to wait ’til Tuesday.

I’ve got that stomach thang we had in Oaxaca. It is not as bad though and I think that is due to GSE in my water. May be I will have a better attitude when I feel better but I am not staying.

I finished what I thought would take me a week of drawings (Autocad is soooo much easier to design with), 7 in all. So, I did what was asked of me on the security thing.

Oh, now Frederlinda just showed me how the ants are coming in my room because of a little rain. I mean BIG ones! One got my toe and they are worse than fire ants.

I will be leaving here soon. “To thine own self be true”. If it is what I want then I do it. I am much too hedonistic to dwell in this peaceful, hard working, talkative community. The Center has new volunteers, Peter and Beth, long members of the Peace Corp and good Spanish conversationalist. They seem smart and whatever problems that need solving at the Center I am sure they can help. Plus, a young man from Austin (another David), who has been here for several months and plans to be here 6 month. He is a big nice young man and works in the gardens, the passion vine wire trellis for now that the Collective will sell fruit from. Also, Rebecca, a pretty young woman from England works the gardens too. She wants to learn to surf and during a trip to the coast last weekend bought a surfboard from a friend who was leaving. I would like to run across her today to find out how to get to the coast.

My cap is gone. My hat belongs to  grandpa Nicasio. It is just his style and he needed a new one. The thing was too hot and tight, I never could get used to wearing it. Hey, I don’t like hats anyway, never did (except when I was 12 and got a haircut that was way too short for my liking).

Joy to Steve:
So, you have a better attitude now…does that mean you are staying? I can totally understand your wanting to go. I would. (Are you using the UV sterilizer?)

Steve to Joy:
I have talked myself into going ASAP. As I told Gary:
“My hedonistic self has planted the urge to leave this green mountain rural parts and head for the coast. So much for good intentions! Really, I have done my work here and just plain want to move on”

The UV stabilizer has not been used much. Mostly bottled water here. There is plenty of well water and I should use it because from talking to David I theorized that it would be like vaccine. The germs would not be dead but unable to have sex and reproduce (or at least not have babies) so my body would build up an immunity. Haven’t had to guts to try it yet but I might.

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  • HOWDY NOW PHOW, sorry I haven’t written earlier. I mistakenly thought since the first blog entry came by e-mail — that they all would come that way. So I didn’t read all your entries until a day or two ago on the web site.. Wow, you have had some adventure! And actually as I remember that was one of your goals.

    Its no wonder, however you didn’t envision a fire ant like bite, a stomach thing or a linguistic headache as part of the adventure. Later, maybe much later, the unpleasantries will all blend in to the total adventure as will the escape and how it all played out.

    You can’t help but be blessed and enriched to have had hands on experience with the truly simple life and rather intimate interaction with those who live it….something the vast majority can only read about. The perspective is surely invaluable for now and for the future.

    I’ll be thinking about you…praying for you and waiting eagerly to hear the next chapter of your adventure.

    Much love, Urantow

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