Teach Us How To Live

After ‘talking’ with you Joy I kept on the net looking for ideas for securing panels from thieves. I am in Ocotol again to work on the net. Theft of panels seems to be a problem that has been born from the value and ease of stealing them. This is not a third world problem only. News is popping up every day of another grand theft, commercial, residential and rural. I guess it was just a matter of time.

Then, after lunch at a small lunch buffet type place with David and Cody (a long time volunteer here with a degree in Social Economics and excellent Spanish), a little more time on the computer, I returned to the Solar Center. I had left my cap down the highway at the bus stop when I came to town and it was waiting for me at the Solar Center when I returned. I guess it has feet! (It could be the only one around with ‘SAM’ on the front).

After walking the long path to the house I gathered my clothes and with the help of Amilka (the 27 yr old young man here) I washed my clothes in the stream head of a spring coming out of the mountain. I helped shovel a load of river bed sand from the back of Dimetrio’s 4 wheel drive truck for the new shower room/laundry room being built in a day or two. I was happy that I had a small part in that. After some of Ramona’s (the grandmother) fresh baked rolls and sweet bread and a cup of sweet coffee, I am settled in next to my candle in my room. Ramona bakes in the outside brick dome oven only once a week. It was a treat.

My Room
Since it is dark I am off to bed again, while just outside my door is soft conversation (I don’t understand) that I consider ‘music’. It will give way soon to crickets again who rule the night with owls and an occasional burro or bull making itself known. The moon is almost full which is very helpful when I have to go out away from the house to relieve myself; I can actually see. There are no lights anywhere near here. The mountains are beautiful under a strong moon with a few clouds and stars.

I envy these people in ways. They have Nature as their home, clean air, green mountains, a will for hard work and ease of being happy and very family-like with almost everyone. This land has been in this family for over 100 years and they have worked it and survived and are happy. Their is much love in the family and it is only natural that most of them live together and work together, everyone doing a vital part but not neglecting the children’s schooling or community responsibilities. I think they should be traveling to teach us how to live.
Clouds Over Mountain