More Ice Please

Back in March, I tried ice dyeing for the first time. It turned out great, so I finally got around to doing some more.

This time, I had four different batches of dye. I started with two off-white shirts and used a reddish mix of dyes. I started it around 10:30pm and rinsed it the next morning.
dye tub 20131222 222955 dye tub 20131223 080255

The ice was flat on one side and curved on the other. You can see where it was sitting, preventing the dye from reaching the fabric. I guess if the rounded side was up, the dye would run off the curve to both sides.
dye 95cotton 20131223 104010 dye 95cotton 20131223 104052 dye cotton rayon 20131223 104154 dye cotton rayon 20131223 104235

Then I did two of Steve’s shirts. One was a yellow polo shirt and the other was a white long sleeve T-shirt. These were only left in the dye until the ice melted, which was about 6 hours. I was a bit disappointed that the colors were a little weak (As you can see, I put a lot of dye!)
dye tub 20131223 103802 dye tub 20131223 105559 dye tub 20131223 160440

dye cotton polo 20131223 192802 dye cotton polo 20131223 192828 dye cotton 20131223 192927 dye cotton 20131223 193002

Next were two white shirts using mostly blue tones of dyes. I started around 4:30 and left it overnight. I broke the ice into smaller pieces for this one. It sticks as soon as it hits the wet cloth.
dye tub 20131223 164342 dye tub 20131223 165948 dye tub 20131223 170840

dye cotton 20131224 145317 dye cotton 20131224 145431 dye cotton 20131224 145035 dye cotton 20131224 145158

Last was a twin sized sheet. You can see where it was folded in half. I didn’t have much ice left by the time I did this one. I let it sit for 24 hours.
dye sheet 20131229 134148 dye sheet 20131229 134132