Another Round of Ice Dye

I started with a trip to the Thrift Store. I found 6 shirts and added 2 that I already had. Four shirts in each tub was a bit crowded, but it would have been worse with bigger shirts.

You can see that there are large gaps with no dye. I should have put more dye.

I started around 10pm and let them sit overnight, about 11 hours.

A white shirt with pale paisleys

A light purple shirt

A light gray shirt

A white shirt

A pale pink shirt

A pale yellow shirt

A light gray shirt

A blue shirt

And the fun was not over! JJ and Steve decided they wanted some shirts dyed. They went and bought new shirts, and I started the dye about the same time as the previous night.

JJ’s shirts (yellow, white)

Steve’s shirts (orange, yellow, white)

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