A Work In Progress

Here you can see what’s going on at the house, in date order.


  • Hey you have a turquoise screen door too….it must be a 10AUG thing! LOL. the house looks big on the inside, like the rooms and the doors look bigger than my rooms and my doors. That hotwater heater in the bathroom was interesting….that was “grandfathered” in…would not meet code now days. Mine is also in an unusual place…it’s grandfathered in too.

  • More than your hands got wrapped around that. Amazing (grace) what transformaiton.

    I can sure see why the old back is “out on the town”. You definately have a mission.

    You are an artist for sure.

  • Wow!!!! Those floors are gorgeous. Are you living there now? I know all of it will be gorgeous when you are finished.

  • Looks like it is coming along nicely. My favorite picture is #31. Great picture of you Joy!

  • Looking good. You are a one man construction crew…with the help of a woman. I like it very much, can’t wait to see it. Are you still at the other jpb?

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