Down and Up

Steve’s been busy on the outside of the house. At the end of April he had the two painter guys take down the addition from the back of the house. They opted to take the walls off before the roof, and then had to decide where to make the roof fall down. It landed partly […]

Outdoor Makeover

Steve hired two guys to paint the house. We closed up the back west windows the weekend before they started. Steve wants to paint the part where the birds are, green. We might put the brown on the fascia; maybe not. It looks a lot like the concept photo that we tested colors on. It’s […]

Something to Get My Hands Into

Hanging out in beautiful Mexico too long can cause problems. Even though there is always something to do in Oaxaca I found myself near the coast with beautiful beach, perfect climate, wonderful people, etc. After a few months I just got bored, sad to say. Wanted to get my hands into something. So, Joy and […]