Down and Up

Steve’s been busy on the outside of the house. At the end of April he had the two painter guys take down the addition from the back of the house.
CC house back 20130427 113026
They opted to take the walls off before the roof, and then had to decide where to make the roof fall down.
CC house back 20130427 125409
It landed partly on the grapefruit tree, scratching the trunk and breaking one branch.
CC house back 20130427 161323
With the addition gone, the back yard feels so much bigger. Steve built some steps up to the two doors. Next was to block off the neighbors.
CC house west side 20130505 175052
CC house west side 20130505 185043
CC house west side 20130505 192511
CC house west side 20130507 103913
Here’s the end result.
CC house back 20130507 183028

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