Joy’s Lemon Basil

We have a garden. There is not much left this time of year except for Joy’s Lemon Basil. It took over our small space and she has made good use of it. The whole house smells of sweet lemon basil as it is ‘drying’ in our oven with just the pilot light warming and drying […]

Divine Bait

Joy and I walk from our house along Ocean Drive often. Along the way we caught sight of this cross hanging from a fishing hook stuck into a post. It seemed strangely ironic. Thus, the name “Divine Bait”. I guess we took the bait and this picture got saved.

My Life As A Chair

I sometimes like to pick up trash. Not just any trash. Something with possibility. Better yet, something with soul. This chair must be 100 years old! After I first saw it and drove by it 4 or 5 times I finally, one day, stopped and threw the thing in the back of my truck. It […]

The World as We See It

. It took me a long time but it was worth the wait. I finally found a movie to rent that I could relate to, laugh out loud to and learn something from: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas It makes me open my eyes to the fact that we are strangers in a strange […]

Today’s Lyrics

To make your own lyrics is to put your life to music. Every day is just a song. What do we add to it? Today is the day I have waited for I have time to live, though it be brief Each day is as life; how could we want more And time takes it […]

What if Mark Twain had Gone Deeper?

Mark Twain is a Mentor, Inspiration to me. I was in a dream as my place on the Earth, again, found the Sun. Glory be for that. If it was up to me we would all be spinning off into Oblivion, hopeless. I was with people new to me (in my dream). A woman of […]

Face to Face

  ‘Face to Face’ (photography by V. Thrasher) And I am listening to bombs exploding in the distance As Midnight rolls around I’m thinking of ‘Seeing Past and Into’ Magical diversity abound Are we seeing past?: Color, Gender, Age, Youth Religion, Handicap, Nationality Beauty, Uglyness Children, Old People Strangers, Familuarity And Different Creatures to boot! […]

Seen Any Ghosts?

Joy and I met a group up at the old Ritz Theater here in Corpus Christi in the dark of night on Saturday. It has been locked up for years, built in the ’20s/closed in the ’80s. It was left ‘as is’ with costumes, set backgrounds, and stuff still there. We went in with the […]

Hina’s Garden & King of the Hill

Joy helped as I rushed to meet the deadline for call for entries at The Art Center of Corpus Christi for their Independents show. This one is called ‘Hina’s Garden’. If you are interested Google ‘Hina’ and ‘Na Maka O Ka hai‘. She is an Hawaiian Goddess of coral and spiny creatures although she spends […]

Veiled Freedom

Sparrows come and go as do occasional pigeons here in the welding shop. A young mockingbird may sing like all the others, but can’t learn much more from them. There’s a Mocking Bird in the rafters, sadly singing the blues She flew in but thinks she can’t get out The big doors are open that […]

Pulling The Plug On Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall, Internet Marketeer. He knows a secret and it is for sale. You will get rich quick too if you know his secret. Such intrigue! His real last name is Sink, as in a kitchen appliance. You know, the place where money goes when it goes ‘down the drain’. Now me, I know little […]

Slowly Seeping In

I finally realized why I live with fear much of my life. I am a believer in the Tao, the Yen Yang. I have had such a good life to now that I am sure it will catch up with me. Yet, I ain’t tellin if you ain’t. It just keeps getting better. Shhhhhh!

Stripping Down

Joy and I have been discussing ‘truth’. I say it is relative. She, being more one-minded and slightly more pure at heart says it is absolute (although, I don’t want to put words in her mouth). We like to check out Rob at to catch the drift of things. So, this song is for […]