Joy’s Lemon Basil

We have a garden. There is not much left this time of year except for Joy’s Lemon Basil. It took over our small space and she has made good use of it. The whole house smells of sweet lemon basil as it is ‘drying’ in our oven with just the pilot light warming and drying it. We cook with it often.

The dirt is now turned over ready for planting this spring.


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  • I love lemon basil. I put it on most everything. It smells so wonderful and tastes great.

    This small armful was the scraggly ends: all that was left of a crowded self-seeded plot.
    Steve wanted me to harvest it all (or at least pull it all out), but he didn’t even know what he wants to plant there instead. Hopefully he’ll figure it out real quick and we’ll have something started soon. And I can put basil on it!

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