Wonderville Revisited


My digital collage ‘Wonderville’ started with a sweet potato that sprouted before it could be cooked.

We took pity on the thing and stuck it in the ground outside our back door. We were surprised to see it take off, cover the back entry and actually bloom dark purple flowers. It was VERY prolific.

This past week we found out that the house sewer system was leaking right where the potato was. That sweet potato was being not only watered (something important here in Corpus Christi over the past year) but fertilized well.

We had no idea that the potato had become so enormous and had multiplied. This one may have been the original but there was one larger, about 14 inches around, pumpkin size. We have never seen a sweet potato this large. I don’t think we will be eating it.

It was planted in September 2007. This is it today.



  • Oh, I thought we were saving it for sweet potato pie when Valerie comes to visit!

    (Val, do you see the face, smiling crookedly at you?)

  • Oh, yes, I do!! and winking too!

    Guess that stuff oozing from the underground leak (you know whet it is) has been really good for the plants. I am not eating anything grown in that Poop Pit!!!!

    If that potato is that big just think how big we might become after eating it!!!

    I do have a recommendation though, try planting a little money and see what happens! I will partake of that!!!

    You also might be able to give Vigra a run for their money!

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