Divine Bait

Joy and I walk from our house along Ocean Drive often. Along the way we caught sight of this cross hanging from a fishing hook stuck into a post. It seemed strangely ironic. Thus, the name “Divine Bait”.

I guess we took the bait and this picture got saved.



  • I think the word is not ‘ironic’, but ‘appropriate’.
    We were just talking about how religion is used to control people and as a reason for all kinds of awful things like war, for one.

  • It is so nice that art speaks so many languages. I have found that what one sees and hears from the experience can be as different as night and day.

    I feel a “lifting” experience from the hook, a holding up type of feeling. I feel a feeling of peace and calm and assurance. That through the wars and control ( religion man made) the promise of hope from the cross is still firm from the battles along the way.

    I do love art so!

  • I’ve been reading this book called The Shack for my book club. It’s a very popular book to read right now. Everyone’s talking about it.
    This man has lost his 5 year old daughter to a serial killer and has a sour relationship with God as a result. God calls him to meet in the shack where he found his daughter’s bloody dress. The rest of the book is a recount of his meeting with The Trinity in the shack and the inspiration and healing that came as a result.

    So.. I was telling Robbie about a passage I read last night. They were asking him, Mack, to judge. They told him he had to choose 2 of his 5 children to go to heaven and 3 of his 5 children to go to hell. He took them seriously and went through the thought process… He loves his children too much to send any of them to hell. How can he make that judgement? He ends up pleading with them to take him instead, sacrifice his life so that they may go to heaven.

    Then as I was discussing this with Robbie we were saying that this very Christian book has just pointed out that God (because the book also stated that you love your children this much, but God loves you and your children even more) loves all his children too much to send any of them to hell.

    Then Robbie and I both just realized… If Jesus sacrificed his life for us and went to Heaven where’s the sacrifice? If Jesus died for us because of all our sins, if he sacrificed himself, then why didn’t he go to hell? He did that for all of us and he still went to heaven!


    Things that make you say “hmmm….!”

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