A Question Answered for a Closet Atheist

Ask an Atheist: Longing for the Blue Pill Lyrics, got to love them. “Darlin do not fear what you don’t really know”  Brett Dennen Accept the Mystery or wonder a lot. Either way what does it matter? Just don’t forget ‘Peace, Love’ And if you must hold on to something atheist then know, for a […]

The Tide of Our Life

If I could play a piano I would be making notes instead of words. I am words looking for melody. help me, help me. You know who you are. I love you. At the brink of insanity lies truth in vast supply Home was found in a land least explored A heart knows where to […]

Family Talk

Have you ever wanted to share the unknown? Here it is. The beginning of ‘Family Talk’. A place to share thoughts, feelings, ideas, stories (oh how we love stories!) and, if must be, fiction. Well, keep it light. This ain’t no ‘tell all’. Be aware that verbal flowers, stories shinning with truth, confessionals (for you […]

Celebration of Invasion

I went to the Art Museum of South Texas here in Corpus Christi for an opening the other night. As I was walking up to it from the back parking lot I was thinking about the wooden ship displayed outside of the Museum of Natural History which is next to the art museum. It was […]

Are We Paying Attention?

I am, more and more, seeing that the Here and Now is where our treasure waits. Get comfortable in your own skin and pay attention. And I feel the need to write about how we expend so much time/energy/expense to recreate ourselves. Computers, television, telephones, etc.; a few examples of recreating what we already do […]

Fine Young Talent

Joy’s nephew Phillip recently entered an art contest for Unschool kids. These kids are lucky to have parents that see to it that they learn, at home, in an unstructured format. I know there are exceptions but it seems that I have heard of many of these kids that excel beyond the norm. Phillip and […]

Manifesting is too hard!

Joy to Steve: http://www.supermanifestor.com/ Steve to Joy: Again, it is too much to read. I get the impression that it is so much like all the other secrets revealed for a price. Sounds good but I don’t have enough interest or belief to even give it an honest try. I wantz the quick fix, the […]

A Crash or A Wonderful Journey?

Two emails bracketing a difficult day: 8:33 am Good Morning Joy, I made it in. I had already made the exit # 6, just cruising along listening to NPR, and something catches my eye back on the freeway to my left side. It is a black van rolling sideways, pieces flying and a large rag […]

Weekend Weirdness

Joy and I got weird this weekend. I’m talking about art, people! We discovered some new techniques for some interesting photography. Here are two examples involving digital collage. More to come soon. . The Sea of Love     .   Dream Catcher

The Big Turning

It is amazing how far the sun moves across the horizon during the turn of a year. Out our front windows the Sun rises at the north end of Corpus Christi Bay in the Summer and the south end in Winter. It has just taken the big turn back toward the north. Lots of celebrating […]

Lessons from the ‘Pastor’

Brothers and Sisters, let us consider a wise word or two for a moment. Joy inspired me today musing on the notion of creating or reacting. Do we simply exist? Do we create a life for ourselves of our own choosing? Life can be complicated and Joy knows everything is not ‘black and white’. But […]

Space Chart

Announcing the Brand New 2008 Corpus Christi Calendar! You have waited for over a year! Now it is here! A new Space Chart to help us keep track of where we are in the eternal revolutions made by Mother Earth around the Sun. We will start with a moment called January 1st and continue one […]