Zinnia Gallery Opening: Seeing Double @ 6400

We are happy to announce the first Opening at the Zinnia Gallery!


The photos have been moved to Steve’s gallery.


  • Very impressive! I have actually done the old trick myself of taking a photo of my reflection in a shop window, with various other figures inside. Not easy to do as well as you!
    Happy New Year to you both,

  • Steve, I absolutely adore the “Cappiello and Christ” photo. I think you definitely struck it lucky on that one, seeing as how you didn’t plan those two images getting spliced together. It’s just awesome!

  • Very impressive and original. I have always enjoyed and admired your ability to capture beauty, meaningful feelings and stimulate sleeping eyes.

    You are gifted. Thanks for sharing the gift.

    Where are the water spirit pictures from Mike’s pond?

  • Joy and Steve

    Thanks so much for the beautiful art and for sharing it with me!!! I’m passing it on to others I know will also enjoy it! Just want you to know that I recently made 12 affirmations under the title Beauty/Asethtics. Some of them were about going to more art galleries and openings and taking the time to enjoy the arts. Thanks for so effortlessly helping me to fulfill my desires!!! I absoutely LOVE each and every one of these photos. They are breathe-taking and life-giving!!!

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