The Big Turning

It is amazing how far the sun moves across the horizon during the turn of a year. Out our front windows the Sun rises at the north end of Corpus Christi Bay in the Summer and the south end in Winter.

It has just taken the big turn back toward the north. Lots of celebrating going on under different names but all in all it is a good thing. I even like to hope that life will be improving for many with this new direction. Time will tell. At least the daylight hours increase with each new day!

Near our home are neighborhoods that we respectfully call the ‘Barrio’. In my opinion the most soulful expressions of the ‘Holidays’ are portrayed here in lights and iconic figures. We captured a few to share but who knows what we missed in the way of artful, illuminated, bigger than life semblances of the season.

So ‘Merry’ to all and to all a good flight.


Pink Mystification
Pink Mystification

Drive By Greeting
Drive By Greeting

Happy Snow Ghost
Happy Snow Ghost

Santa Just Beclause
Santa Just Beclause

Santas Helper
Santa’s Helper



  • Stephen-Looks just like Uvalde-I promise we have the exact same houses decorated like that here.
    Hope all is well with you and Joy. Wishing you a most wonderful new year. Thanks for the emails, I enjoy your website!!
    Hugs and kisses

  • How do you get motion in Santa’s Helper?
    I’m amazed that folks in “the Barrio” spend so much on decorations. I hope y’all had a good day, & better new yr.

    That sunrise effect is considerably enhanced at this higher latude. In winter, I have to start a bikeride headed S. so the sun will be at my back at 4pm on my way back home. Being at the eastern edge of Central Time Zone, it’s getting pretty dark by 4:30 pm.
    Give me a Skype call when you can. Dave

  • Hi y’all!

    I wish people would stop messing with the time, all these zones and daylight savings. I think IT is the cause of global warming.

    The pictures are great, I always enjoy them. I did not decorate this year, no one to see it but my “boyfriend” and why bother for him?

    I will be flying to SC in Janaury for a short visit, so no stop in Corpus Christi this time, you guys will just have to come visit me. I miss you a lot. Come soon!

  • Hi,
    Enjoyed your pictures. If you are ever in Huntsville at Christmas tiome you need to go through the Galaxy of Lights. Its awesome!!! You all in my prayers every night. Mayu God bless you. My brother Jim passed away last month I didn’t know if you knew that or not. Bill

  • Feliz Navidad, I love Christmas in the Bario, my Bario also looks like the pictures you posted. I spent about 10 evenings during this holiday season just driving around enjoying the lights & sights in mi bario too!