The Art of Magic, Amber Reclining

I went to an opening the other night
T’were my eyes were betwinkled by a lovely sight
I had to watch to see if a blink she would make
Alas, t’was not my gaze would stir her to wake

Not a flutter to be made nor a glance toward me
Closely I watched but no pulse could I see
For her time stood still, caught in eternity it seemed
She was made of bronze (me thinks mixed with a dream)

Now, I was betold by a beautiful young lady
During a cleaning a maid with harshness did say
“Get yourself up, get dressed and go out of here!”
How foolish must she have felt and to magic, so near.


Artist: John DeAndrea
‘Amber Reclining’

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  • i had to do a paper for my art class on a work at our museum. i was amazed when i found this piece at our own museum. such amazing work

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