A Question Answered for a Closet Atheist

Ask an Atheist: Longing for the Blue Pill

Lyrics, got to love them.
“Darlin do not fear what you don’t really know”  Brett Dennen

Accept the Mystery or wonder a lot.
Either way what does it matter?
Just don’t forget ‘Peace, Love’

And if you must hold on to something atheist then know, for a fact, that it is OK to love everyone, and I mean everyone, in some way or another. Some you may need to put away, some you may need to have heartache over.

As far as this label stuff, I have no idea what to call myself (although you would get as many answers as people you ask).
Just go ahead and allow yourself peace even if it don’t all make sense at the moment.
Save the worry for later.

And, why should any of us worry about what others think? Are their brains/hearts better than ours? I think not.