Fine Young Talent

Joy’s nephew Phillip recently entered an art contest for Unschool kids. These kids are lucky to have parents that see to it that they learn, at home, in an unstructured format. I know there are exceptions but it seems that I have heard of many of these kids that excel beyond the norm. Phillip and his brother Gordon seem to be two of these kids that thrive in this arrangement.

I personally think his artwork is exceptionally good. And the judges must have felt the same, he won ‘Best of Show’. Congratulations Phillip!

His Mama:

His piece, titled “Window Shopping,” is a Paint Shop Pro generated image of a puppy passing a butcher shop window. As Phillip says, “The puppy is transfixed when he sees the display of meat in the window.” Gordon gave him the idea for the title of the piece. He was interviewed on the news and he was awarded an oil paint set/kit. He is very proud of himself, and he is looking forward to next year.









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  • At first I thought that I would have a slim chance of winning, because I’ve seen what other kids can do. But when I saw the purple ribbon on the wall I thought, “Boy, that sure proved me wrong!”
    Thank you so much for putting me on your blog. I had lots of fun making this picture, but I used Paint, not Paint Shop Pro.
    We all made our first lemon meringue pie this evening. It looks great! We wish you could share it with us!

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