Are We Paying Attention?

I am, more and more, seeing that the Here and Now is where our treasure waits.

Get comfortable in your own skin and pay attention.

And I feel the need to write about how we expend so much time/energy/expense to recreate ourselves. Computers, television, telephones, etc.; a few examples of recreating what we already do much better as humans. We even have dreams of (and are working on) bionic humanoids, robots, etc.

The idea of Nature seems foreign to us because we want to live in a world created by us instead of one we were born/created to live in and with. We are part of the great mystery we are trying to understand. It all seems to me to be the great distraction of our time.

When it comes time for us to leave this physical world how will we view the time we spent here?

As children we learn the correct way to relate to our world but we think adulthood gives us reason to get smart. It seems true that “All I really need is what I learned as a child”.

Upon leaving will we think “wait, I got distracted! I need more time here!” ?

And as for those who cause harm to posses much much more than they need? Something tells me they will carry that burden with them for a long long time once they realize all they have striven for can’t be taken with them. Only our hearts and memories leave with us (my theory).

So, someone like Joy’s mother: she will leave knowing she has not changed the world she was born in except for the gift she gave to so many children (who had so many children and so on). What they do with their life is up to them eventually. She worked to give them what they needed physically and spiritually. And, in the world I imagine for our eternal future, she is content and interested in her brood, not forever guilty in shame of gathering stuff that had no meaning.

So, it seems the myth of heaven and hell is a good one. Maybe not to be taken too literally, but true none the less by showing us that what we do here can never be destroyed, ours for eternity (again, my thoughts).

Be here now, live life, love and be happy.