Zinnia Gallery Opening: Symphony of Reflections on Water

Zinnia Gallery is very pleased to present the exciting photography of Valerie Thrasher.


Valerie has captured truly magical beauty. And it is amazing that she concentrated her efforts on one small pool of water. This is a small sample of a much larger body of work. We hope to see more of her wonderfully sensual visions in the near future.

After the thrill of the first showing of her photographs, Valerie is deciding what to do next with her work. Meanwhile, here is a small sampling of it.
Symphony of Reflections on Water


  • Thank yo Steve and Joy for all of the encouragement, support and gifts of your time.

    What you have done to present my work is more than I could have dreamed of.

    You lift me up and have made my visions a dream come true.

    Both of your works have encouraged me to finally “follow through”. Because of your inspirations I understood that I too could express myself and find the reward of creativity.
    I enjoy your works, your site and your devotion to ones gifts.

    Thank you for the hours you both have dedicated to preparing my opening on Zinnia Gallery. It is a beautiful announcement and display of my photos. I hope my works make you as proud as I am to be included on Zinnia.

  • You have always had the eye (and the heart) to see beauty where others may not. Thank you for capturing the muse of such loveliness to share with all.

    Love and light,

    The Siren

  • I have looked at all of these wonderful water pictures and love them all. I tried to pick a favorite, but could not pick just just “one”. My favorites are: Phantom in Blue; Foggy Night; Soaring; Edge of Time; Fariy Dust; Blue Water Feathers; Vision and There Here!!! Great work and thanks for sharing.

  • ‘Hey, that’s my girl!’ ! Sister Val to be exact and I’m sure proud of her for having the inspiration and courage to get this show on the road. Valerie’s vision together with Steve and Joy’s technical talents has produced a visionary offering bound to satisfy the most demanding desires for freshness and originality. Valerie Thrasher achieves this and more in her new Zinnia Gallery Opening ‘Symphony of Reflections on Water’, and I am one proud brother.

    – Mike –

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