Veiled Freedom

Sparrows come and go as do occasional pigeons here in the welding shop.
A young mockingbird may sing like all the others, but can’t learn much more from them.

There’s a Mocking Bird in the rafters, sadly singing the blues
She flew in but thinks she can’t get out
The big doors are open that in she flew.
But she won’t fly down, staying safe; there are people about

She is like us in so many ways
Sadly we go through life in a place not of our choosing
Thinking there is no way out we spend our few days.
Is it the place we are meant to be we are losing?

So simple a task for her to fly free
To sunshine, open air and more
But she sits and complains, easy escape she can’t see
She only needs to fly through a big open door

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  • Looking around can teach us a lot.

    But folks, if you get the ad for McCain on this page when you are here please forgive me. I will have to discuss this with my Web Masteress. If this is the kind of thing that gets through Google Ads they will have to go!

    Where is McAble anyway? This man is not!