The End of the Fish Tale

We had high hopes when we entered out Fish Tales piece in the exhibit at the Art Center in May. We really liked it, and it turned out that a lot of other people did too. We got over 10% of the total votes in the first few days. Then it sold, so no more votes.

But the gift gallery manager asked if we could make another, to be displayed at the June opening. We didn’t win the prize, but we made a better version that Steve has named “Joy To The Fishes”. He’s getting really good at making the fish, and I’m getting better with the ‘paint with powder’ method. This one is on display at the Art Center now.

‘Joy To The Fishes’, copper and polymer clay

We’ve got three more smaller versions in the works.


  • Fell in love with the “Joy to the Fishies” piece and can hardly wait for Terri to bring it back to me after 4th of July weekend. I tacked a computer color print-out on the wall where it is going to go. Don’t forget to sign & date or Terri will just have another excuse to go down to CC, lol.
    Take care, you & yours have a very happy & safe 4th of July.
    p.s. all “the fish tales” were great! loved them all.

  • The Fishies successfully made the swim from Corpus to Houston. They are beautiful!