Fishy Business

There’s a story in here somewhere…

The Art Center has another little exhibit going on in May, and today is the receiving day. We’ve spent some time coming up with our “Fish Tales” entry. As you can see by the picture, it’s free-hanging on the wall. It measures about 2 feet wide and 16 inches high. It wasn’t really hard work, but tedious and some parts took awhile, so it’s difficult to set a price. At least we didn’t have to catch the fish.


Steve and Chris had a great time at the fishing tournament for charity the other day. They caught almost a dozen nice trout, but they disappeared at the weigh-in. Someone is enjoying some nice fish and a cooler.


  • Steve and Joy,

    Another brilliant piece of art work. Well done!!!!!

    When does the bidding start?

  • Thanks Val.
    No bidding, but the judging will be done by the public on this one, so we won’t know who wins until next month.

  • This is really beautiful! I like fish too, and clouds. What’s your medium? Is it sculpey and metal wire? It looks great! I’m interested in hearing more about it – like what you finally asked for it and if it sells.


  • Thanks Laura.
    The fish are made of polymer clay with PearlEx powder on them for the color. The water is copper wire pounded out flatter instead of round. The picture doesn’t really show the pretty colors on the shiny wire.
    Steve was doing the pricing and didn’t know what to put. He just stuck $100 on it. We’ll see what happens.

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