From Breaking Waves to Rolling Wind

After leaving behind Las Olas Grandes, a long bus ride yesterday back to Ocotal, arriving late but finding Mi Hotelito still open, thank goodness I was able to get a good night’s sleep. Morning was spent walking the streets of town in search of a few items I will need in the Campo, soap, hydrogen peroxide and stuff. Went to the ATM and learned a little more about that. While counting my dollars I just conjured up I had also made another transaction for cordobas, the local currency and it waited to be grabbed. I guess while fiddling with dollars the cordobas got sucked back into the machine. No ‘nah nah nah NAH nah’ or anything.

More Internet cafe work (with AC !) and off to catch the bus back to my drop off to walk my twenty minutes up the mountain to my ‘home’. On the way out I met David Grande (because there are two Davids here and this one is bigger). He was not looking too good, got sick after I left, ended up in the local hospital but gave up hope they could help him. In fact he had been very agitated from the lack of sheets on the mattress, no pure water to drink and no soap to even wash his hands. Hey, it was all free. He walked out and is headed to the States for proper attention. The other David said to me later that he thought they could have helped him if he had stayed long enough to get back his blood test results. But I will not judge that situation one way or another. Just glad to not be in his shoes.

I managed my new bag with wheels up the rocky dirt paths wondering if the wheels would stay on. All did fine and I was greeted warmly by every member of the family as the day went by: Nicasio, Ramona, Amilkar, Frederlinda, Marisela, Alex and Maynor…and more. This time I seemed to feel an expanded welcome from everyone even at the Centro de Solar where I had got my nose out of joint from being, as I imagined it, mistreated.

I worked with Mauro and Gorge cleaning up mitered corners of aluminum frames for new panels. Their tools here are few and not in the best shape but they make do.

Then a pleasant late afternoon hike back up the the house. Had sweet coffee and a fried taco for dinner. (there was much more but I was not too hungry). A bit of excitement broke out around the cocina entrance as a coral snake made the mistake of a surprise visit, soon to be beheaded by machete. No big deal around here although it is the first (and hopefully the last) snake I have seen.

Amilkar shared some of his romantic poetry with me, a kind personal gesture, I thought. I wrote one of his down and will share it soon.

I prefer this part of Nicaragua, the Campo. It is so peaceful, and quiet. Yes dogs bark, roosters crow, cows call out as do burros and yes, at the moment I can hear a bus across the valley on the highway. But the bugs are sending out pleasant sounds of different kinds and occasionally wind will roll down from the mountains and rustle leaves and I hope it will make a visit to my room. Always so fresh and a few degrees cooler. Nights are really pleasant here. I am actually glad to be back.

Everyone asked about my trip to the ocean and I explained how it was good although hot, noisy with six days of celebration of Independence Day. It all went right through my room (or so it seemed) every night ’til who knows how late. But friends were made and I would go back again like I would reread a really good book.

At peace with the hope that Joy will not get tired of waiting on my return I plan to stay one more month. The projects that involve me will be complete and I will bring home satisfaction of seeing them through and know that (hopefully) these good people in Sabana Grande will benefit for many years to come from my small contribution.

Rain has been scarce here. Everyone is hoping for some soon for beans and corn are in the ground and it didn’t happen easily.

Tomorrow I will try out the new bathing stall. Clothes will now be washed here too because of it, with water brought from the well. No more hikes up the mountain to wash in the stream.

I told Marisela (in confidence) that I never really know what my plans are from day to day. She laughed at the thought.

For now, at least with me and those around me, life is good and I am happy to ‘be’.

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