Determined to Experience

Woke up this morning, which may sound easy but getting to sleep was quite a challenge! Independence parade, seemed like it went on forever. This in town stay might have as well located my bed on the main corner of it all. Loads of lightning offshore but not much of even a breeze here near the beach. And the power had to go off for an hour which reduced me, at least a few pounds of water from sweat. Across the street to Pau Hana’s for a few orange juices then back for a two fan attempt at sleep once the power came back. No AC in this $25 a night stay at Chica Brava’s because this part is still under construction. (I am glad to have it)

Oh such strange dreams. I was so tired that I feel asleep every 10 minutes between ‘floats’ of rap or heavy Spanish rock, with the added thrill of setting off 3 or 4 local parked car alarms with each pass. It kept me in lucidity with actual people in my room, next to me but covered with rocks, children too. All with bed shaking from their movement. It was so real (or so surreal). This all went on with having to flip my pillow 4 or 5 time due to the current side getting too soaked with sweat to enjoy. It must have ended at some point because I actually woke up (which I mentioned)

Even with wanting to sleep a couple of 10 hours more I got up at 7:00 to get to Gato Negro for coffee and banana pancakes in time to catch a surf shuttle to Remanso beach (the most ‘gentle’ break around) to surf half a day. And surf I did! (Chris). OK, I rode one good wave. The remainder of the time spent paddling and hoping not to be wiped out. This break was plenty overhead folks and practically a close out (for me, a slow take off kind of guy). But most of the surf is beautiful with 90 % offshore breeze and the locals handle it just fine.

In my truck of paying shufflers to the beach were two girls from Australia, Rosin and Ginga, and a Laplander, new to the sport and paying extra not only to rent a board, ride to Remanso beach but also for a few lessons. I could tell as we arrived that this was no place or time to learn. Kind of like starting out driving lessons in an 18 wheeler. I kept poking a few hints but felt the ‘experts’ had a clue what they were doing. Not. Sure enough, Jess (Ginga) was rushed off for a few stitches (which, folks, in this country, cost her nothing, including antibiotics and pain killers).

We all ended up going fishing again at my insistence to balance out that bummer and had a great afternoon with beautiful sunset over Pacific Grande. Today we (they) caught a few tuna and a mackerel. Once back a at the dock we went straight to a local restaurant, Lago Azul on the beach to have it all cooked, another fine dinner. A good group. Sorry for the lack of pictures on this one, seems my camera EATs batteries. (let me commend WordPress for auto-saving this post when the power went out while I was writing up to this point!)

After a few cool drinks to pass the ‘black out’ (only on our block) I am back at this computer filling all my loved one in on today’s adventures.

Rosin and Ginga (the Aussies) are in the picture with me (a couple of the World’s Beautiful People). Notice the bandage over Ginga’s eye. Rosin had never been fishing and was able to haul in a tuna. Quite excitement for her. They promised to show Joy and I around if we get over that way.

San Juan del Sur is growing on me. I am a little sad to leave but the main plan was to be here after the work up north so I might, but in time. My plan is still to drop the return flight from Costa Rica and bus it up through Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico. Just 10 years ago there were no taxis, no surfers and such. In the big scheme of things it is new to the international scene but word is spreading fast. (Chris, notice my back pack in the lower right. It has sure come in handy!)

Love you all,


221 Second Fishing Trip