Parting Shot

I suppose Steve is sitting around in Miami by now. Airplanes are great time-savers for international travelers, but then again having to go with the airlines’ schedule means wasting time at the airport. I got back to the house way before his airplane to Miami even arrived in Houston. Seeing him all ready to go […]

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I am off to Nicaragua! Why? That will be explained in a not too distant future post (when I have time to think about it). Truth is there are many reasons. Adventure. Opportunity. Challenge. Escape. Education. These, at least, apply. This, the night before my flight, I feel what I imagine an astronaut feels as […]

Zeitgeist, except a couple

Here’s an e-mail exchange with my brother. Robert Reynolds wrote: Have you ever seen this movie? This guy does an EXCELLENT job of collecting information to illustrate what a lot of us already know. Definitely worth seeing. Don’t hesitate to skip forward to 9:00, though, because nothing really happens before then. Joy wrote: I […]

Four Letter Words

This is a rather dirty subject. I’ve been looking for a piece of property to buy. I want a nice place to live where I can grow some food and explore various other projects. One of the important factors in my search is the growing conditions, the biggest being the soil. What I noticed was […]

Tribal Gathering Spring 2009

My Friends and I have been having fun since way back, some 50 years or more! We get together at least twice a year for our official ‘Tribal Gathering’. I feel pretty lucky and love them all. Here we are during the first weekend in March. Click on a thumbnail to see a bigger picture. […]

Art Chair

I think it is done: The Chair Art is such a many faceted endeavor. I enjoy it immensely while on the other hand it seems a huge, frivolous and totally unnecessary expenditure of time. The Chair is for sale, $1000.00. The sale of it, although creating a huge loss of something I have put my […]

Wonderville Revisited

My digital collage ‘Wonderville’ started with a sweet potato that sprouted before it could be cooked. We took pity on the thing and stuck it in the ground outside our back door. We were surprised to see it take off, cover the back entry and actually bloom dark purple flowers. It was VERY prolific. This […]

Joy’s Lemon Basil

We have a garden. There is not much left this time of year except for Joy’s Lemon Basil. It took over our small space and she has made good use of it. The whole house smells of sweet lemon basil as it is ‘drying’ in our oven with just the pilot light warming and drying […]

Divine Bait

Joy and I walk from our house along Ocean Drive often. Along the way we caught sight of this cross hanging from a fishing hook stuck into a post. It seemed strangely ironic. Thus, the name “Divine Bait”. I guess we took the bait and this picture got saved.

My Life As A Chair

I sometimes like to pick up trash. Not just any trash. Something with possibility. Better yet, something with soul. This chair must be 100 years old! After I first saw it and drove by it 4 or 5 times I finally, one day, stopped and threw the thing in the back of my truck. It […]

Missing You

Most people like Christmas and being with their families. Well, Steve is not most people and neither am I. We’ll do fine without the Christmas part today, but we would prefer to be together. Here’s a little bit of remedy for the distance between Florida and Texas. There’s not much I can add to this […]

The World as We See It

. It took me a long time but it was worth the wait. I finally found a movie to rent that I could relate to, laugh out loud to and learn something from: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas It makes me open my eyes to the fact that we are strangers in a strange […]