A Little Water, A Little Electricity

I got a fun toy yesterday.

Steve and I are working hard on his house to prepare it for sale. (Know anyone who wants a house in Corpus Christi?) We have to paint the outside, so I bought something I can always use: a pressure washer. I got an electric one since I don’t want to mess with a gas engine.

It shoots up to 2000psi according to the box. Less than that was sufficient to get some paint off that I couldn’t even tell was loose.

Steve decided to take down the two fake vents that the builder used on all the houses here.
But the pressure washer had a little trouble with the bug residue that we found behind the fake vent.
4465 CC_Keltic bugs
4466 CC_Keltic bugs

It did a bang-up job on the concrete, the fence, the redwood playset, the boat, and the walls we were about to paint. To me, it falls into the category I like most: things that make a big difference fast and easy.