Four Letter Words

This is a rather dirty subject.

I’ve been looking for a piece of property to buy. I want a nice place to live where I can grow some food and explore various other projects. One of the important factors in my search is the growing conditions, the biggest being the soil.

What I noticed was that a whole lot of the words in that area of investigation are four letter words!

  • soil
  • dirt
  • sand
  • clay
  • silt
  • loam
  • land
  • I’ve found a few good sources of information.
    The Web Soil Survey lets you look at each county’s soil survey on a satellite image. But you can’t show more than 10,000 acres at a time. I’d like to see a more general map, which some counties have, but the ones I’ve seen are too general. If you know of something in between, let me know.

    I also found this Soil Temperature Maps page. It’s interesting, but not really what I wanted. I was looking for the soil temperature a few feet down, where it stays constant, so I could use cool tubes for my house. I did find out that the number I needed was the average annual air temperature (the dirt stays at that temperature).