Tribal Gathering Spring 2009

My Friends and I have been having fun since way back, some 50 years or more! We get together at least twice a year for our official ‘Tribal Gathering’.

I feel pretty lucky and love them all.

Here we are during the first weekend in March.

Click on a thumbnail to see a bigger picture.

And thanks to Tom for “The Tribe” picture in Gary’s back yard.
11 men


  • great moments, great memories—wouldn’t have been the same w/o you, steve. peace, my brother, gcoin.

  • I wish I had that many friends…or did you just hire some guys at the golf course to pose for you? Seriously I am happy you all get together and have so much fun. When I first saw “tribal” I thought there was going to be a powwow and I was invited. See you soon in Merida or Nicaragua.