No Pie in the Sky

I made this pie today: Mystery Pecan Pie I wanted to say it is very good, but, well, it’s a mystery. I didn’t quite follow the recipe, since I had only dark corn syrup and no light syrup. I also added just a touch of lime to the cream cheese part and a small dollop […]

Rolling Thunder Through an Open Window

With window open rain fell as if the night sky was playing a piece from its most loved composer, a master piece. The percussionist was at her best. I don’t believe I have ever heard thunder roll for so long and so magnificently. The long last ending seemed to rattle the window one last time […]

Today’s Lyrics

To make your own lyrics is to put your life to music. Every day is just a song. What do we add to it? Today is the day I have waited for I have time to live, though it be brief Each day is as life; how could we want more And time takes it […]

What if Mark Twain had Gone Deeper?

Mark Twain is a Mentor, Inspiration to me. I was in a dream as my place on the Earth, again, found the Sun. Glory be for that. If it was up to me we would all be spinning off into Oblivion, hopeless. I was with people new to me (in my dream). A woman of […]

Face to Face

  ‘Face to Face’ (photography by V. Thrasher) And I am listening to bombs exploding in the distance As Midnight rolls around I’m thinking of ‘Seeing Past and Into’ Magical diversity abound Are we seeing past?: Color, Gender, Age, Youth Religion, Handicap, Nationality Beauty, Uglyness Children, Old People Strangers, Familuarity And Different Creatures to boot! […]

Decisions, or Not

I was listening to my brother David describe the details of embedding pipe stem in the concrete foundation of his workshop he’s about to build. I was about to ask him what happened if he decided to go with a different method of building the wall instead of the panels he has planned. Suddenly, I […]

Hair today, goon tomorrow

Who is that fine looking young man? Well, you might not recognize him, but it’s Steve, who mentioned a few days ago that he might cut his hair. When I got home, he had buzzed it off pretty short. Some people were shocked. Others really liked it. And couldn’t keep their hands off him! I […]

Magic Tricks

I’ve always been interested in magic. As a kid it was the sleight of hand sort. My mother bought me a box of magic tricks and I learned how to do most of them. I was never very good with the cards, though. It was really more interesting to me to know how the trick […]

A Close Brush With Dolly

Corpus Christi was visited by Hurricane Dolly on the 23rd of July. It seemed as if it would never become much of a threat, especially for us. Just before it came ashore, Dolly moved a little more north than expected and for 24 hours the wind howled and it poured down rain off and on. […]

What Do You See?

I’ve heard it said that you can find beauty anywhere you look. For the photographers of the world, that means there is a never-ending supply of pictures to take. Steve decided to go fishing in the bay, across the street. So I took the camera to see what I would see. The water is pretty […]

Water and Fire in the Sky

Yay! We finally got some rain here. We had puddles! The garden needed it, as did most everything. The timing was pretty good too. It didn’t rain on our parade, although it came down pretty hard earlier when we were out. So that left us with a humid, cloudy day. There wasn’t much to the […]

Blowing In The Wind

It’s been so windy here most of the time, but not when we are looking for it. By chance, we found a magic sign at the far end of park along the bay. With a lot of wind, it sounds like a flute (or maybe a recorder). So yesterday we took a walk to capture […]

Seen Any Ghosts?

Joy and I met a group up at the old Ritz Theater here in Corpus Christi in the dark of night on Saturday. It has been locked up for years, built in the ’20s/closed in the ’80s. It was left ‘as is’ with costumes, set backgrounds, and stuff still there. We went in with the […]

Hina’s Garden & King of the Hill

Joy helped as I rushed to meet the deadline for call for entries at The Art Center of Corpus Christi for their Independents show. This one is called ‘Hina’s Garden’. If you are interested Google ‘Hina’ and ‘Na Maka O Ka hai‘. She is an Hawaiian Goddess of coral and spiny creatures although she spends […]