No Pie in the Sky

I made this pie today: Mystery Pecan Pie

I wanted to say it is very good, but, well, it’s a mystery.
I didn’t quite follow the recipe, since I had only dark corn syrup and no light syrup. I also added just a touch of lime to the cream cheese part and a small dollop of molasses to the syrup part.

The pecans float, no matter where you put them. The two separate fillings mix also, despite my pouring the top one on carefully. I think that’s why it’s a mystery. It’s hard to tell what you’re eating with it mixed.

I think it would be better as separate pies. And that means more pies!

After 40 minutes of baking, the syrup part was as thin as water. I had to put it back in to bake for another 30 minutes at least. (I don’t really know since I didn’t time it.) The texture ended up sort of like toothpaste. I’m not real sure how it’s supposed to be.

I put some butter on a piece and ate it warm. It was fairly good, but not really what I expected.

I sometimes wonder if anyone actually makes all those recipes floating around. Some of them make no sense at all.

So if you want a good version of a pecan pie, try the one with cranberries. It’s really good.


  • So serendipitous!
    Many things, including my life is just like that!
    Take my marmalade for instance. It sits in the closet, tight lids and all. But pathetically runny. I cooked it practically all day and even ran to the store at the last minute to buy pectin (something, according to the recipe, I didn’t need). I cooked it some more. Runny, the whole batch.
    The Gods must be crazy.
    Who is manning these recipes!?
    This is such a fitting parallel to my day. I woke up, well rested, but spent it on a chase for something I had no recipe for. I didn’t like the cars. The signs along the highway were demeaning. Holiday propaganda everywhere. Stores full of stuff I don’t need or want. No one to teach me anything valuable. TV blaring about murder and thievery. People in electric carts with baskets full of bright colored glass balls to hang on fake trees. Chinese people eating junk food hamburgers. ‘No smoking within 25 feet of door’ signs. Magazines with articles on yet another new way to lose weight.
    People loving on dogs freshly sheered. Everyone afraid of everyone else.
    But finally I was given an answer! Not only to why today was like it was, but why my life is what it is.
    At one time in my life I believed there was someone tending the light at the end of the tunnel. “But there is not” (Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas)

    Great post Joy.

  • Well Brother Steve, I was going to be the first one to post on this topic but the server Gods had other ideas. Let’s just hope all is back to normal now and my newbie post will fly on through to the other side.

    Being that my good brother is a true artist and I’m more of a techie, we both have different views on why there is no pie in the sky, at least cooling up on Miss Joy’s windowsill. My solutions aim to fix the problem, Brother Steve’s aim to accept them as the inevitable outcome of a chaotic reality.

    I usually like pecan pie but usually find it too sweet to consume much of. I’ve never tasted one with cream cheese as part of the mix, that sounds tasty Joy.

    The recipe claims 0:00 preparation time and a serving size of one. Hmmm…that sounds too good to be true, no prep time and a whole pie at one sitting. Could have a mistake or two, but overall it looks workable.

    Did you use the 3 eggs in the top syrup layer?

    What has me wondering is why the syrup would be as ‘thin as water’. Syrup thins when heated but with the added three whole eggs and sugar and baking in a hot oven for 40 minutes, I would expect it to be well gelled by the time you took it out.

    This does sound like a mystery. If you get it all worked out, I’d love to try some of your homemade pecan pie.

    Good to see you posting again Joy.

    Brother Mike

  • Joy,

    The pie sounds really good. Almost like soft pralines.

    You still make me laugh. Keep trying and when it is as you like, save me some. I really like pecan pie.

  • I just had a piece for an afternoon snack.
    It’s good, but probably better if it didn’t mix so much. I put some strawberry jam and butter on it and it was quite tasty. (Mike, I always reduce the sugar in my pecan pies, and yes, I used a total of 4 eggs.)

    Actually, when you cut it and look from the side it looks like the syrup part is on the bottom and the cheesy part rose to the top with the pecans.

  • I’ve never tried a cream cheese pecan pie. When I make pecan pie I cut the sugar a lot. I also triple the pecans. With lots of pecans, they can’t all float! There are pecans through and through…

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