Blowing In The Wind

It’s been so windy here most of the time, but not when we are looking for it.

By chance, we found a magic sign at the far end of park along the bay. With a lot of wind, it sounds like a flute (or maybe a recorder). So yesterday we took a walk to capture a performance. It was playing its random tune, but not as strongly as when we first found it.

This sounds almost like the ghosts we didn’t catch in the theatre. But all I did is filter the rough wind noise out.

Strolling back toward home, we passed by the small amphitheater and saw that the municipal band was playing. Never having heard them before, we stopped to listen a bit. It reminded us of the zócalo in Oaxaca.

I couldn’t help but be amazed by the effort 40 people were putting out, for their enjoyment and ours. Most of the band consists of wind instruments, but it takes more than just holding it out in the wind to get the music. It’s amazing what you can do with something you can’t even see.

After hearing Cole Porter’s “Night and Day”, a warbly-sung “Some Enchanted Evening”, and a mixture that was introduced before we arrived, we left them to blowing air through their pipes and came home.

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  • Intense!! Intriguing and down right scary!!

    I played each piece of “music/ghost talk” and the one you filtered unnerved my dog Molly so badly that she began to pace and cry. If the music did not frighten me, her behavior certainly did.

    Now, some might say the pitch just hurt her ears but since the first and last did not, I figure we must have a haunting.

    Borrow a dog from a friend next time you venture out and check out the reactions from Rover.

    Could it be that ancient beings came across the same scenario during a walk in the dense forests of long ago and heard the “music/ghost talk” thus began the flute. And, the “witch doctor” all knowing, all powerful, who could hear what the wind was telling him. Naturally, he was the only tribesman that could decipher the meaning, others just became the flute players.

    Perhaps these are the sounds of spirits. Could it be these wise and powerful tribesmen (now spirits) are still playing their songs and sending secret messages to the receptors of our century.

    Maybe Molly knows better than me. But I am afraid to ask her what they said.

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