Zeitgeist, except a couple

Here’s an e-mail exchange with my brother. Robert Reynolds wrote: Have you ever seen this movie? http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/ This guy does an EXCELLENT job of collecting information to illustrate what a lot of us already know. Definitely worth seeing. Don’t hesitate to skip forward to 9:00, though, because nothing really happens before then. Joy wrote: I […]

Four Letter Words

This is a rather dirty subject. I’ve been looking for a piece of property to buy. I want a nice place to live where I can grow some food and explore various other projects. One of the important factors in my search is the growing conditions, the biggest being the soil. What I noticed was […]

My Life As A Chair

I sometimes like to pick up trash. Not just any trash. Something with possibility. Better yet, something with soul. This chair must be 100 years old! After I first saw it and drove by it 4 or 5 times I finally, one day, stopped and threw the thing in the back of my truck. It […]

No Pie in the Sky

I made this pie today: Mystery Pecan Pie I wanted to say it is very good, but, well, it’s a mystery. I didn’t quite follow the recipe, since I had only dark corn syrup and no light syrup. I also added just a touch of lime to the cream cheese part and a small dollop […]

Today’s Lyrics

To make your own lyrics is to put your life to music. Every day is just a song. What do we add to it? Today is the day I have waited for I have time to live, though it be brief Each day is as life; how could we want more And time takes it […]

Face to Face

  ‘Face to Face’ (photography by V. Thrasher) And I am listening to bombs exploding in the distance As Midnight rolls around I’m thinking of ‘Seeing Past and Into’ Magical diversity abound Are we seeing past?: Color, Gender, Age, Youth Religion, Handicap, Nationality Beauty, Uglyness Children, Old People Strangers, Familuarity And Different Creatures to boot! […]