The Big Turning

It is amazing how far the sun moves across the horizon during the turn of a year. Out our front windows the Sun rises at the north end of Corpus Christi Bay in the Summer and the south end in Winter. It has just taken the big turn back toward the north. Lots of celebrating […]

Lessons from the ‘Pastor’

Brothers and Sisters, let us consider a wise word or two for a moment. Joy inspired me today musing on the notion of creating or reacting. Do we simply exist? Do we create a life for ourselves of our own choosing? Life can be complicated and Joy knows everything is not ‘black and white’. But […]

Remote viewing and ETs

The mind is a wonderful thing. People have claimed to do all sorts of things with it that are outside of normal experience, such as astral travel, hypnosis, meditation, healing, channeling, bi-location, communication with dead people, predictions, psychic readings, and a lot of others I’m not familiar with. These things fascinate me, probably because life […]

August Moody Wisdom

These are a few quotes from the famous Zen Dreamer August Moody. They may become a regular feature. “For one to not be hypocritical in love one must love one’s self first.” “George, just quit. It would fit your image.” “The more you learn about hunger the more glad you are to be alive.” “Cars! […]

Who Knows What Day It Is?

Give us human beings a few days off from our ruts and we forget what day it is! Joy and I went shopping. Just to get out of the house. We ended up at several places including our favorite pan dulce place here in CC. It was no easy task. The temperature outside is -56 […]

What is the Weather There?

What is the weather out your window? But we have lyrics! Listen to ‘Spark’ Spark (Over The Rhine) It’s not the spark that caused the fire It was the air you breathed that fanned the flame What you think you’ll solve with violence Will only spread like a disease Until it all comes ’round again […]

Some Lyrics for Us All

I Was Made to Love Magic (Nick Drake) lyrics I was born to love no one No one to love me Only the wind in the long green grass The frost in a broken tree. I was made to love magic All its wonder to know But you all lost that magic Many many years […]

Habitual Thinking

A programmer friend of mine wrote me a note the other day, lamenting that he tried to figure out how to solve a programming problem, but was having trouble because he just couldn’t “see” the solution like he used to be able to. He’s been working for over 20 years in more of a system […]

Off the Cuff

I’ve never understood Halloween. People use it as an excuse to dress strangely. Anything goes. Why just on one day? Why not any other day, if that’s how you want to dress? Today we went to the Art Center to enter a painting in an upcoming exhibit. Usually, I have very little interest in the […]

Stormy Day

The first storm of the season is usually the one remembered the easiest. How true for our first storm of the “winter” that arrived on Oct 22. It was such a beautiful morning as the big clouds in the south were confronted with even bigger darker clouds from the north. I was busily shooting pictures […]

Jean Lafitte’s Bed

I am told that a bed I have slept in many times once belonged to Jean Lafitte. I never doubted that it was not. I like to feel that he and I now have something in common. It does seem that the dreams I have while sleeping upon this bed have always had a bit […]

I am a Mexican

I am a Mexican As such I was born Of this soul is my clan Even through death I can’t be torn For death is a friend of mine ~ ‘Mexican’ from me can not be washed Through time or water or dress Use me, hate me, vilify me and it can’t be crushed Being […]