August Moody Wisdom

These are a few quotes from the famous Zen Dreamer August Moody. They may become a regular feature.

“For one to not be hypocritical in love one must love one’s self first.”

“George, just quit. It would fit your image.”

“The more you learn about hunger the more glad you are to be alive.”

“Cars! This thing has gone too far.”

“You can please some of the people some of the time……….or is it ‘fool’?”

“I think I’m intelligent… Now how intelligent can that be?”

“My days are numbered. I wonder which one am I on?”

“There is ‘you and I’. And there is the ‘Push-me-Pull-you’.”

” ‘Blissful Joy’ can be several things, from a honeymoon at a Tibetan monastery to someone opening the car door that is slammed on your hand.”