Remote viewing and ETs

The mind is a wonderful thing. People have claimed to do all sorts of things with it that are outside of normal experience, such as astral travel, hypnosis, meditation, healing, channeling, bi-location, communication with dead people, predictions, psychic readings, and a lot of others I’m not familiar with.

These things fascinate me, probably because life would be so much more interesting with a few of these skills. But I often wonder if the universe is telling me something when I have such an interest and never seem to find the time required to learn how to do it. I find some time to read about it. Maybe it’s a lack of patience in following all the instructions. Or maybe I fall asleep too easily!

A few years ago I read about a course in remote viewing. It promised an easy way to learn it. I didn’t even get much further than that, and I still don’t know how to remote view anything. I have a couple of links in my bookmarks, though. (Does that count for something?)

The same goes for Reiki, hypnosis, meditation, EFT, Quantum Touch (although I did take that class, I don’t feel the energy). So many neat things to know, and something else always gets in the way. I did do Avatar and Landmark’s Forum, but they are more about life and thinking than finding some internal quiet place. Maybe I should approach all those neat things from that perspective.

I’m halfway through a book by Courtney Brown called Cosmic Voyage that gives a very detailed account of his remote viewing sessions in which he explores UFOs, extraterrestrials, and their involvement with humans. He is very skilled at remote viewing and says anyone can learn it, but it is a rigorous course of study. If even half of what he writes is true, there is a lot of ET activity around us. You can download his book at his website. His purpose in writing the book is to educate the rest of us, so start reading. We have a lot to learn from the ETs such as telepathy, space travel, time manipulation, genetics, technology, and stuff we haven’t even thought of yet.

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