Who Knows What Day It Is?

Give us human beings a few days off from our ruts and we forget what day it is!

Joy and I went shopping. Just to get out of the house. We ended up at several places including our favorite pan dulce place here in CC. It was no easy task. The temperature outside is -56 degrees (OK, anything below 70 degrees F has to be in the negative). And it was pouring! A heavy mist! But Joy drove and what fun we had. No, really.

I’m thinking about new tires. I had to explain to Joy about how a man has his favorite place to buy tires. No use shopping around. But, in my case, there is no more Steve’s favorite tire place. Swallowed up by a larger fish. So, I’m lost. Not really, we have family in the business now. I will go there. Soon.

Hey, you think this is boring stuff!? I spared you our adventures in Wall Mart! (I know some of you think of it as the Grand Palace of Bargain and this was a Superstore! You all go ahead and turn green) We found ourselves in ‘electronic land’, ‘food land’, and land filled with just ‘stuff’. Everyone looked happy.

I cooked a big turkey today. Cheap meat by the 23rd. Joy raved about it. “Didn’t you Joy?” (she’s across the room). OK, may be she didn’t. I think she still loves me. I love her.

Hey! Did all you readers know that she and I won first prize in one of the most prestigious call for entries here in town!? OK, may be we told you already. I’ve started a new one. Try to imagine William Burroughs, Mayan Indians and ET phone home. Get the picture?  The old one is still for sale. Boy, would it make anyone’s best ever holiday gift! Ever!

We are home now. The bay has no horizon.

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